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This place is to summarize the game projects and their human/technical resources

We propose to use it this way:

  • Create an account and fill your “user” page with info to know your skills, expectations, and how to reach you.
  • Create a page for your game project for all the details

Games projects matrix

Please just use this table for short descriptions and links. You can use this image User-missing-flat.png in empty cells if you're looking for someone.

Game name Game page Pitch Creator(s) Developer(s) External link(s)
Rayflexionz Rayflexionz A light reflection game with mirrors and lamps User:Jcfrog User-missing-flat.png
Pyramid Chess Pyramid Chess Another 3D Chess game, but with an apex level. User:GabrielVelasquez User-missing-flat.png User-missing-flat.png