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Jocly is a very open project for anyone interested in abstract strategy games to be played online.

We publish many games on our platform where people can play against the computer or other jocly users (includes chat and video chat). But there is much more you can do.

If you are a developer, a designer, a game creator or just publishing about games on your blog, you can use jocly on your own sites.

Jocly is always growing and offering new features and tools.

Jocly games generic features

  • 100% HTML5: the games can be played on a recent browser without the need to install and use a plugin. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.
  • Artificial Intelligence: the AI engines (Alpha-Beta or UCT algorithms) allow playing against the computer at various levels.
  • Turn-based play: each player plays on his turn in the browser. The opponent receives the notification by mail with a link to play the next move in the browser.
  • Live play: play live against other connected users.
  • Video chat: when playing live, the players can see each other in video (WebRTC technology).
  • 3D interface: all new implemented games plus the most popular ones offer a default 3D user interface that permits to turn around the board and zoom in/out, bringing the online games to a new level of reality (WebGL technology).
  • SDK: all games source code is accessible and can be used to modify existing games or create new ones using the Jocly jQuery plugin
  • Webmaster API: games can be easily integrated into external sites.

Embed a game in your page

Use the Jocly jQuery plugin to embed what you like:

  • a fully playable game for your visitors with options and controls
  • a game position viewer
  • a played games viewer (compliant with PGN and PDN files)

Make or customize a game

Use the Jocly jQuery plugin to customize a game at your will. You can change the rules, the graphic resources, add elements to the scene to make it shine your colors.

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