Staunton Chess Set

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Staunton pieces are the most popular chess set officially used for competitions.

All is zipped in this archive:

Content of the archive:

Staunton archive content.png

Pieces you can see at the top of this page is the result of our 3D modeling. These are high resolution meshes (called high poly) that are much too big to be loaded in the game. That's why we need to make low definition versions of the pieces (low poly).

The low poly pieces will be much lighter but will use the finest details of the high poly through diffuse and normal map textures to look like the high poly. For more details about this procedure you can read this post from jocly's blog.

For each piece, you will find in the archive a sub folder including:

  • the mesh: a threejs file (JSON) to be loaded by the game. This file defines the mesh with its UVs.
  • a diffuse map: an image texture for the diffuse channel
  • a normal map: an image texture for the normal channel

Final rendering of the low poly pieces on the board: