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Please submit new general interest questions you may have and not covered here to the github issues section

What is the Jocly Game developer API ?

This is an API for Javascript developers to implement their own games or modify existing one. The API gives control over both the game model (the implementation logic of the rules) and the view (the way it is

Is the Jocly API ready to use ?

The Developer API is stabilized and many games are running on Jocly without problems. However, it is actively being developed. This means that something you had a hard time developing might have become trivial a few weeks later because of a new feature being implemented in the API. That's life.

How hard is it to develop my own game ?

It really depends on the game you want to implement. In a general way, you need to be familiar with Javascript in order to develop to your own rules. If you are an absolute beginner at software development, the Jocly API is probably not the right thing to start with.

If you only want to create a Chess variant on a rectangular board with standard pieces moves, it is pretty straight forward and shouldn't take much effort to set it up (and even less at your second variant).

If some specific piece move is not already supported in the current chess module, you will have to write a function to create the movement/capture graph. Nothing too hard and you have the source code from other piece movements as an example.

If you plan to create a chess variant to be played on a dodecahedron, you will have to overwrite a number of functions in the view code to draw the 3D board shape, handle the positioning and orientation of the pieces as well their movement animation. This is much trickier but still doable.

If your game is not a chess variant (i.e the goal is not to checkmate the opponent king), there might be another Jocly game to start from, otherwise you will have to write a new game from scratch. The difficulty really lies in how ambitious your game is.

Is there any restriction on the game i can implement ?

Yes. Currently Jocly only supports 2-players games without randomness. This includes a large number of games but excludes some like backgammon (because of dice rolls) or 3-or-more Chinese checkers variants.

Another restriction is the game intellectual property. Make sure you have the rights to implement the games rules and check the game name is not trademarked. Jocly assumes no responsibility for the code you write or modify, nor the way you market your game.

I am a 3D/graphic designer more than a javascript developer, can i do something with this API ?

Sure. If you only plan to redesign pieces from an existing game, there are very little Javascript involved and you can start from one of the examples.

Once i implement a game from my site, will users be able to play against each other ?

Not yet but we are working at providing a solution for embedded games to act as the regular Jocly site to allow live play.

If i develop my own game, will i be able to run it from my web site ?

Yes. This is in fact the only way to run custom variants/games.

If i develop my own game, will it appear on or any other site ?

No, unless you decide to share your code. In fact, the files you develop do not go through Jocly servers. They are injected into a browser iframe after this one has been loaded from Jocly.

Will i keep the ownership of the code i develop ?

Yes. You keep the entire ownership on source files (and graphic design) you develop. For Jocly-originated files you modified, there are some restrictions (see next question).

Can i use the Jocly game source code outside Jocly context ?

You cannot use original or modified code from Jocly to run outside of Jocly. Files you created on your own can be used in both Jocly and other projects.

What if i want to use some code both in a custom Jocly game and another project ?

Just make sure you organize your code so that the parts you want to reuse elsewhere are in separate files and do not contain code originated from Jocly.

Can I make a mobile application for my game ?

We are working at providing a solution. Currently you can at least run your game from a page displayed by a mobile browser.

Can I make a real application out of my own game ?

We made some successful experiments with node-webkit. This useful project packages a webapp as fully-fledged desktop applications running on Window, Mac or Linux.

You must be aware that the game itself keeps running in an iframe served by Jocly servers. This means the application won't run the game when disconnected for the Internet. Most desktops being permanently connected, this might not be a problem.

Can I make a mobile app out of my own game ?

We are working on it. Contact us if you have special interest on this.

Can i sell my games as applications ?

By default, you can't. Given that most of the code is running from our servers, it is not suitable for being sold as regular apps. If you want to do so, please contact us.

Can i ask my users for a fee to access Jocly-based games on my site ?

No, you cannot charge anyone for accessing pages using the Jocly Developer API. If you want to do so, please contact us.

How do i make money with Jocly API ?

Invent a killer new game or variant, or just put the best 2D/3D visuals on an existing game. Put the game on your site. Display ads around the game applet. Do go marketing to bring visitors to your site. Be rich.

How do i start with ?

Since developing a custom game goes through the Jocly Web API, make sure you can run an existing game in your site.

What if I have invented a game that matches Jocly, but i suck at computers ?

Check with the guy below.

What if I am a genius developer/designer, but i suck at inventing games ?

Check with the guy above.