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360 Chess is a chess variant played on the 6 faces of a cube.

The goal is to invent a working variant, 360-Chess, that will then be implemented in Jocly. The resulting rules will be available to everyone under public domain license.


The constraints:

  • 2 players
  • players take turn moving one piece (castle can be considered though)
  • the goal is to checkmate the opponent king
  • capture is by moving to a square occupied by an opponent (en passant can be considered though)
  • each face is a 4x4 grid alternating black and white squares
  • the initial pieces positions have been defined
  • 4 fences on adjacent sides to symbolize continuity breaks have been defined

This project has been initiated by Pawel Bodytko.

You can access the game with a working interface on this URL.

This version runs in author mode, i.e no rules are enforced, every piece can go anywhere and capture any opponent but the king. Of course, using the artificial intelligence on a variant in author mode is pointless and would result in random moves. The implemented author mode does not allow castling while this can be part of the final rules. For now, you need to play several separate moves in order to castle and you should play back and forth moves from the opponent side during the castling operation.

Get involved

Follow the 360 Chess Twitter account @360ChessCube to keep up to date on the project.

Join the 360-Chess on a Cube group.

Play with the prototype in author mode and make suggestions.

Base piece moves

To be defined

Other geometries

The basic code in Jocly for this implementation allows configuring the 3 dimensions of the brick shape, as well as defining other pieces aspects and initial positions, as well as any arbitrary fences. You can setup your own version with your customised parameters. Developing a Chess variant is a good start. Use cubic-chess instead of basic-chess to base your game.

You are welcome to invent your own variant with a different geometry and name it whatever you want. Just keep in mind that 360 Chess is reserved for a variant with the constraints above.